Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coming Out of Hiberation - 2014 Seed Starting Schedule

I guess you can say I've been hibernating for the past month.  Aside from assembling my seed orders and putting together my spring sowing schedule, it's been pretty quiet on the gardening front.  Then again, there's not much you can do with a foot of snow on the ground and sub-freezing temperatures.  

Now that February is here, however, things are sure to pick up rather quickly.  Aside from the odd veg or flower, all of my seeds are now in.  I purchased the bulk of my seeds (Renee's Garden and Botanical Interests) from a local gardening center and placed orders with Johnny Selected Seeds and Seed Savers Exchange.  I'm expecting this gardening year to be a rather challenging one for me.  I have many gardening projects planned - including building new vegetable raised beds, cutting down several old neglected trees, planting a dozen fruit trees,  installing new garden paths and patios, and establishing several perennial flower beds.  That being said, I haven't been this excited in a long time.

Here is my tentative vegetable seed-starting schedule for 2014. As you can see, I'm starting most of my seeds indoors.

2014 Spring Seed Starting Schedule
Frost Free Date (50% chance) – May 1st

                                                Indoor Starting            Set Out                        Direct Sow
Artichoke                                1/18                                5/3
Beans                                                                                                                  5/17 or 24
Beans – Fava                                                                                                      3/22
Beans – Runner                      4/26                                5/17                              5/17 or 24
Beets                                                                                                                   4/12, 5/3
Broccoli                                  3/8                                  4/19
Cabbage                                  3/15, 4/5                        4/19, 5/10                                   
Carrots                                                                                                                4/12, 7/26
Cauliflower                             3/15                               4/19
Celery                                      2/22                               4/19
Claytonia                                 7/19                               8/23
Corn                                         4/26                              5/17
Cucumber                                4/26, 5/17                     5/17, 6/7
Fennel                                      3/8                                4/12                               4/12
Kale                                         3/8                                4/19
Leeks                                       3/1                                5/17
Melons                                     4/26                              5/17
Parsnips                                                                                                               4/12
Peas                                                                                                                     3/22
Peppers                                    3/15                              5/17
Scallions                                  2/8                                4/5
Squash                                     4/26, 5/17                     5/17, 6/7
Strawberries                            2/22
Tomatoes                                 3/22 or 29                     5/17
Tomatillos                               3/22 or 29                     5/17

Spring Greens

Lettuce                                    2/15, successive            3/15 (under hoop)
Mizuna                                    2/15, successive            3/15 (under hoop)
Pac Choi – Shanghai               2/15, successive            3/15 (under hoop)
Pac Choi – Win-Win               2/15, successive            3/15 (under hoop)
Spinach                                                                                                              3/22 (under hoop)
Tatsoi                                       2/15, successive           3/15 (under hoop)
Turnips – Hakurei                                                                                              3/22 (under hoop)


Basil                                        3/22                               5/3
Chives                                     2/8                                 4/5
Cilantro                                                                                                              4/12 (pots), successive
Cumin                                     3/29                               5/10 or 17
Dill                                                                                                                     3/22
Fennel                                     3/8                                 4/19                              4/19
Lovage                                    3/8                                 4/12
Oregano                                  3/8                                 4/12
Parsley                                    3/8                                 4/12
Sage                                        3/8                                 4/12
Thai Basil                               3/22                               5/3

In addition to this, I have lots of flower seeds to sow.  I haven't done a variety count, but at this point, I'm guessing that it's probably twice the number I've grown in years past.  Soon, I'll post the entire list.


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a very busy gardening year! How exciting! Your dates are about the same as mine. Happy seed starting!

  2. That's a very ambitious gardening schedule - sow fun! I'm looking forward to watching your new garden grow.

  3. Is spring really coming? Will this winter ever end? I'm getting cabin fever, I'm ready to get out there and grow!

  4. I've got my schedule done up too. It is pretty similar to the one you have, though I don't start any of my cucurbits indoors. And I only plant my cucumbers once. Hopefully they will live most of the season. It never happens, but I always hope.

    1. I'm hedging my bets because in years past, the cucumber beetles and bacterial wilt usually do my cucumbers in August. I'll be interesting to see if they're an issue in our new place.

  5. I am looking forward to seeing how you new garden comes together. I did some serious organizing in my seed starting area this weekend. Now I am motivated to get some seeds sown. Just onions and greens for now, but it is a start.

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