Friday, February 14, 2014

Starting This Year's Flower Seeds

About a third of my flower seeds were sown recently.  I have a lot to learn when I comes to growing ornamental plants so I'm sure this year will involve a lot of trial and error.  Most of the flowers I've chosen so far for our cottage garden are perennials.  However, I'm also growing a few annuals like zinnias, Hungarian bread poppies and lobelias.  (Window boxes filled with cascading lobelias are among my favorite gardening things.)

For the most part, my seeds are germinating very well (in some cases too well). I have an awful tendency to sow my cells way too densely.  This weekend, I will have a fair amount of thinning and pricking to do.  One issue I'm facing is that I don't have nearly enough pots to grow these seedlings on, which is why I'll be spending much of this weekend making newspaper pots.  Another is that I'll be running out of shelf space by this time next month, which is about when I'll be starting the bulk of my vegetable seeds.  As a result, my goal will be to move these plants over to one of my raised beds covered with agribon and greenhouse plastic and pray that we don't get an arctic blast from mid-March to May.


  1. The way this year is going I wouldn't count on not having snow in the second half of March. But maybe my pessimism is driven by the forecast for yet more snow today. I do hope the weather pattern changes soon. It is hard to be thinking of spring with the cold we have been getting.

    I love zinnias and lobelias too. Though I've been growing my zinnias from seed, I've been buying the lobelias from the garden center. Luckily I don't need many of them as sweet alyssum is my main low growing spreader/ cascading plant. That is mainly because they self seed here every year. It is hard to not take what mother natures just gives to you. Plus they smell wonderful.

  2. Your flower seedlings looking good, I don't have luck with annual flowers except perennials and some self-seeded cosmos.

  3. Thomas, I am so happy to have found you blogging again! My meyer lemon tree is blooming well right now and I thought I best make sure I am doing what I am supposed to for it. So, I thought of you and searched for your old blog and lo and behold, you are over here now! Now I have you on my yahoo feed page, so I will be visiting often. Also, thank you for maintaining your other blog, there is so much wonderful information on it and I appreciate it very much. Glad to read you and your family are well, sorry you had to move away from a place that was so enjoyable for you though.

    This is a happy day!
    - Michelle Marie

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