Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And......We're Back to Winter

We awoke to snow this morning.  After two weeks of 'spring-like' weather, this came as quite a shock.  I'd forgotten that temperatures were excepted to plummet last night.  It was 50 degrees F at 11 PM - right when I was about to head to bed.  Luckily I decided to check the weather forecast.  To my horror, the folks at said that by dawn, temperatures were likely to drop to near freezing.  So out I went in my pajamas and rain jacket to cover my beds and haul all of my more tender potted trees and shrubs and trays of seedlings back indoors.  Since we are heading out of town for the remainder of this week, I also had to figure out how to protect my plants while we're away, which required me to drastically reorganize my indoor growing shelves and find a frost-free place outdoors for my larger plants and shrubs.  Unfortunately for me, it was also pouring rain last night and by the time I went back inside at around midnight, I felt like a drowned rat.  When I conveyed this story to my husband and neighbors (who were all asleep at the time of course), they were more struck by my gardening devotion than anything else.  Better to be regarded a devoted gardener than a crazy person I guess. 

 In any case, I was still surprised to see snow this morning.  In addition to laying a heavy-duty tarp over my mini hoop house, I re-covered my bed of spring greens with fabric row cover.  I also placed several pots in between my plants to prevent the top of the fabric from collapsing onto them under the weight of rain (or in this case snow). 

 My garlic was utterly unfazed by the snow and cold.

 On a side note, my potted tulips are sprouting and appear to have survived the winter well.   Unfortunately, my potted daffodils have still not emerged.  I think I might have grown a late variety but still, it seems strange that there's no sign of life at this point.  I might have to do a little digging to get to the bottom of it. 

 Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is coming back to life.  I think a sedum hedge is the next best thing to boxwood.

We have a flowering quince shrub in front of our kitchen window that was at least 10 ft tall and drooping over from years of neglect.  I pruned it to half it's size and cut at least half of the canes down to the grown.  I'm glad to see it producing buds this spring.  Hopefully, we'll see a lot of fresh growth this year. 


  1. I as shocked to see snow too. A friend told me she had seen a forecast for snow that night. But when I looked at the forecasts there was no snow in the Boston area (just farther n and w). Those weathermen just don't get it right all the time.

  2. Hmm, I think most people who don't garden consider devoted gardeners to be crazy. :) I hope that's the last blast of winter for you.

  3. It's disheartening, isn't it - we actually had a blizzard (blizzard!!) on Tuesday. This seems to be the winter that never ends....