Thursday, April 10, 2014

Warmer Days Mean a Warmer Hoophouse

 Now that our daytime temperatures are reaching into the 50s F, I'm having to remind myself to vent my mini hoop house before I leave for work in the mornings.  A few of my plants (particularly my Montauk daisies, penstemon and cascading lobelia look slightly fried a the moment.  Fortunately, it's nothing they can't recover from eventually.  It's hard for me determine if this was due to the few days that I forgot to vent the hoop house during the day last week, or if this is the result of some light frost damage at night.  To be on the safe side, I'm now venting daily and placing a heavy tarp on at night to prevent any major temperature swings.

Large binder clips sure come in handy in the garden.  In this case, it's keeping the plastic covering prompted open.  My rudbeckia, purple coneflower, Jupiter's beard (red valerian), delphiniums and sweet peas are thriving inside my hoop house - which is a good thing considering that it will be several more weeks before I'll be able to safely transplant them out.


  1. It has gotten warm so nice and warm during the day and the forecast is for warmer. I'm turning a blind eye toward next Wednesday. I want to believe it will stay so nice forever. Your plants look lovely.

  2. I'm such a weather wimp, days in the 50's are cold to me, not that it gets hot here, thank goodness because I don't tolerate heat well either. :) Your flowers are coming along beautifully. I have to smile at your binder clip, I've got a huge collection of both large and small clips to use in the garden, they really are handy.