Monday, May 19, 2014

Salad Days

 The garden is finally producing enough greens to provide us with salads throughout the week if need be.  It's a luxury that gradually fades as spring turns into summer.  One of the best things about having a home garden is that you can practically turn anything into a salad and design mixes that you could never find at a grocery store.  Today I harvested two types of hearty kale, spinach,  some green lettuce, peppery arugula, earthy beet greens and mustardy mizuna to create a nice salad for dinner.  It feels go to take a break from shop-bought flavorless lettuce for the time being. 

In addition to salads, we're also starting to harvest some Asian greens.  Yesterday I picked two large heads of win-win choi and some tatsoi.  These will make for a nice stir-fry later this week.  So far, there's not a slug in sight around these parts.  Growing Asian greens and cabbages was such a challenge at our old garden because the slugs were everywhere.  Now I can relax a bit and just deal with the cabbage worms, which can be a menace in their own right. 

To see what other folks are harvesting, click here.


  1. Good for making kimchi too!

  2. Your salad greens look so fresh and colorful, much better indeed than the store bought dead stuff. Most of my salad greens are gone or past their prime and I've had a difficult time getting new stuff going because of some unseasonal heat waves. It sure is more fun making salads from your own garden, I even put some of my fennel tops in them, but I can only get my husband to eat so much fennel, it's not one of his favorite veggies.

  3. Those Asian greens look so perfect. I've got to pick some tatsoi today. If just to let the neighboring ones grow bigger. Sadly I do have slugs. And slight holes in my plants. But they really aren't all that bad right now.

  4. Wow - those greens are absolutely lovely! I have yet to harvest anything from the garden - I feel so behind compared to everyone else. I probably could have picked some greens this past week, but we just had a holiday weekend that was so busy & with trying to finish up the new beds, we were eating take out most of the time. But this week - fresh salads, here I come! My Chinese cabbages, however, are only a few inches tall, so they have a long way to go. Hopefully they don't bolt before I get to enjoy them!