Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The May Garden - A Picture Tour

 I thought I'd share some photos of the progress we're making on some of our gardening projects.  One area of the garden, which I'm calling 'the great border', is coming along nicely.  So far, I've put in several shrubs and tons of perennial flowers.  I've also planted a small purple asparagus patch.  My goal is to get the rest of the border planted by this upcoming weekend and then start thinking about what type of stone I'd like to use to pave the small walkway. 
 I made two sweet pea trellises out of maple branches and dried grape vines.  I'm really happy with how they turned out.  Unfortunately, my sweet peas are not growing at all and have not recovered from the transplant shock.  Planted in front of the trellis is a hardy geranium (cranesbill) I picked up at a local nursery. Hardy geraniums are one of my favorite perennials and I was able to root a ton of offsets from just this one plant. 

 The other sweet pea trellis.

 The trellis I made for my 'purple podded' and 'champion of England' shell peas on the other hand is a bit more rustic looking.  I tried to build it in the same style as the ones I saw while visiting the vegetable garden at Colonial Williamsburg.  What it lacks in style, it makes up for in utility and sturdiness. 

 I also put in a couple of small raised vegetable beds within this border.  Hopefully they won't be as noticeable once this space fills up with flowering plants. I wanted these here as this area gets lots of sun during the winter months (a small winter garden maybe?) and for the added convenience of being near the house. 

 Here are some of the many seedlings that still need to be planted out.  In front are the hardy geraniums I rooted from offsets.  Out of one 10 dollar plant, with very little effort I got 11 more - a reasonable deal if you ask me.

 The circle bed is also coming along.  I hope to have it fully planted (or as much as I can with the remaining plants that I have) within the next two weeks. 

 This past weekend, we also created the center bed for the east garden.  It took my husband all day Sunday to dig up the sod and remove all of the tree roots, but in the end, I thought it looked great and was well worth the effort.

I don't quite know yet what we'll ultimately do with this center bed (maybe an herb patch lined on all sides with English lavender), but for this summer at least, we'll be growing summer squash and dry beans here.  This past weekend, I also planted my tomatoes - 27 plants in all and gave at last a dozen more to our neighbors.

This is becoming one of my most favorite vantage points on our property.  One day, I'd like to put a small bench at this very spot where I can sit and just watch things grow.


  1. Just beautiful. I love your names too, 'east garden', 'circle garden', very classic. What a good idea to mix in a few raised beds in the flower beds. I will have to remember that when we work on our flower beds.

  2. It is a gorgeous view. Especially with the bean towers in the back. Though I'm sure it will be even nicer when everything is growing and lush this summer.

  3. The raised boxes in the border will blend in beautifully with the fence once the wood weathers. What a great idea you had in propagating the hardy geraniums - they look so large and healthy! And the east garden - just gorgeous.

  4. All I can say is WOW!!! Your place is going to be absolutely magnificent Thomas! I can't wait to watch all of your gardens grow!

    1. Robin, it's so good to hear from you! I hope you are doing well. We desperately need to catch up soon.

  5. I so enjoyed your tour of your gardens and I love your rustic trellises.