Thursday, September 4, 2014

Artichoke Flowers

I meant to post these pictures some time ago.  The artichoke flowers have been spectacular this year.  They really make for a good show, especially since you don't see many gardens here in New England with them.  And the insects love them as well.  In the late afternoon, the bumble bees bury themselves into the bright lavender centers to rest for the night.  I'm looking forward to harvesting the seeds to grow them again next year. 


  1. They are really beautiful. But doesn't that mean you don't get to eat them? Or do you harvest some and let some bloom?

    1. I harvested the first bud from each plant, which is the biggest, and let the others form full flowers. Though I ended up regretting this a bit because the ones I did harvest were delicious. Next year, I'm not gonna let as many go to seed.

  2. Beautiful photos. I love it when the bumble bees find the artichoke blooms, it looks like they are swimming through the stamens. I have one potted artichoke plant that I grow just for the flowers, I never harvest the buds. They are worth growing just to see them bloom. I'm surprised that more gardeners don't grow them as ornamentals.

  3. I had never seen artichoke blossoms before - those are truly gorgeous.