Thursday, September 25, 2014

Revisiting the Flower Garden of 2014

Now that fall has officially arrived, I wanted to take one last look at this year's blooms.  This was my first year growing a proper flower garden and I must say that I've learned a great deal.  Surely I made quite a few mistakes, but I knew going into this that there would be a steep learning curve involved, especially when it comes to such things as landscaping design.  Sometimes I wish that I had more of an artistic background.  I'm sure having something like this would greatly help guide one's choice of plants, particularly their colors and textures.  That being said, I'm confident that the flower garden will come together much more naturally and easily with each growing season. 

In any case, here are pictures of some of my favorite flowering plants when they were at their best this summer.  Enjoy!

Zinnias growing amongst a white centranthus
I also grew a pinkish-red centranthus, which the hover flies and hummingbird moths loved.
Marc's favorite flower this summer was this nicotiana sylvestris.  It grew to amazing heights and released an amazing scent in the evenings.

One of the first things I learned this summer was that dill makes for an excellent ornamental plant.  It adds lightness and airiness to any flower border.
Zinnias are such work horse plants.  They bloom all summer long and get by with very little care.
Cascading lobelia growing amongst French perfume lavender
The Great Border at its best.
'Mesa Peach' gaillardia - in my opinion, one of the best colored.
My favorite scent in the garden this summer came from these sweet peas.  I made sure to save plenty of seed to grow them on next year.
Agastache rupestris - proof that a fine-textured plant can be among the most beautiful

The bumbles bees could not get enough of the purple coneflowers.
Our 'Sweet Autumn' clematis started to bloom as summer officially came to an end.
'Sweet Autumn' Clematis flowering amongst joe pye weed.
It would be remiss of me not to mention the heady sweet fragrance of these blossoms. 


  1. Lovely flowers. I wish I had a place for delphiniums, but they just won't make it as they get too tall and the dwarf ones just aren't the same. I'll be putting in a new perennial garden in next spring and I'm still choosing plants. My problem is that I like all the daisy like flowers and I have to force myself to choose other things too so it will have more variety. Rudbeckia is one of my favorites and I'm thinking of the different colored ones like orange and red. It will be fun.

  2. What a wonderful tour - gorgeous, gorgeous flowers. I love the abundant feel of your flower beds. I would say that your flower garden was an unqualified success! Congrats!

  3. My wife says that you can come down and do her flowers next year! What a wonderful display.

  4. Hi Thomas,

    I have read your arthicoke harvest and What a cool harvest. I like arthicoke blooms. They're just gorgeous!
    I have to say I am very pleased to see your flower garden. Everything looks gorgeous and stunning. Congratulations, Thomas. I hope your health problem will be soon over..

  5. Your flower garden is stunning. The photos beautiful. Sweet Autumn Clematis is one of my favourites and it looks lovely with the Joe Pye Weed. Now to look at seed catalogues and dream of another year ahead. I too, took a break but feel better now. Hope your good health continues.