Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Watermelons

It's been a while since I've grown a decent watermelon. Years ago, We grew amazingly sweet and crunchy Korean watermelons, but alas, the seeds I'd saved from that planting are no longer viable. This year, I'm growing an heirloom variety - 'orange tendersweet' and so far so good. I added a good helping of manure to the plant holes and covered the entire raised bed with black landscape fabric to keep the soil most and toasty.  The melons themselves are a good size at this point and the leaves still look perfectly healthy despite the few cucumber beetles that make their way through our garden. Hopefully they will be ready to harvest by month's end. I feel hopeful. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First Apples of the Year (Ever)

 This past week, we harvested about 25 apples from our 1 year old 'Pristine' Apple tree.  I started planting my home orchard last year and was really happy to get a decent first harvest this year.

These apples are very crisp, sweet and surprisingly tart for an early season apple.  It's pretty disease resistant as well.  I highly recommend it!